TTA in Greece

On 7/10/2019 IONOS hosted in Crete the International Trade Directora and the Product Training Manager of TT Aviation.

During the 7-day visit, important issues for the development of precision sprays related to the needs of Mediterranean crops were discussed.

Presentation activities were also held in the host group of a significant range of Mediterranean crops throughout the island, with the simultaneous operational demonstration of agricultural drones in cooperatives, producer groups, and organizations. The IONOS team had the honor to combine the first experiences of both stakeholders.

7/10/2019, Agios Syllas, Heraklion / Test of capabilities M6E-X: Flight in difficult weather conditions (wind 5 to 13 m/s and rainfall), drift effect test.

8/10/2019, Alagni, Heraklion, Lyrarakis Winery / Cultivation: Vineyards

9/10/2019, Kolimbari, Chania, Orthodox Academy of Crete and Terra Creta

10/10/2019, Messara, Crete / Cultivation: Carrots, Potatoes

11/10/2019, Plouti Heraklion, Zacharioudakis Winery / Cultivation: Vineyards

12/10/2019, Hersonissos / Cultivation: Carnations

13/10/2019, Neapoli, Lassithi / Cultivation: Olive trees

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