M8A PRO (20LT)

M8A PRO (20LT)

The top choice in Drones Agricultural Sprays.

The M8A PRO comes with a 20-liter capacity and structure carbon fiber.

You can spray 4 acres in 15 minutes. Make your life easier and your work more profitable.

Get to inaccessible points without harming the crop. Just use the technology of tomorrow, today!

Professional Drone Sprayer

TTA Agriculture spraying drone is 40 times faster than the traditional way. Saves 90% water and 30-40% pesticide.
Due to the small droplet diameter, the pesticide is better dispersed  on the surface plant, increasing efficiency.
At the same time the air produced by drone carries the material on the back of the foliage.

Operate mode

It only needs one operator to operate the drone. The flight is automatically made
with very simple process, according to the farmer’s needs. The spraying area is selected and marked on the map and the flight starts. The drone software will automatically plan the route. If the spray liquid is finished or the battery is empty, then will fly back to the take-off point and continue, after refueling, from the point it stopped.

The work is designed according to the farmer’s requirements.
There are 3 flight planning capabilities.

M8A PRO (20LT)

1.Automatic route planning

The operator finds the crop he wants to spray on Google’s maps. He selects the perimeter
and the spraying field will automatically appear. Ready to start!

M8A PRO (20LT)

M8A PRO (20LT)

2. AB points

Simple but also automatic flight planning. Operator only need to set A and B
point and give the drone a direction, left or right.
Then the drone will fly and spray automatically.

3. Waypoints

Precise and efficient flight planning to complete the most difficult tasks.
The operator defines the exact route and the drone accurately sprays the
selected area.

The starting and final point, the spraying route, the distance of the routes, as well as the avoidance of obstacles within the work perimeter, can be defined in all three flight planning modes.

M8A PRO (20LT)

Follow terrain radar

Terrain following sensor is at the bottom of the M8A PRO and adjusts the flight
altitude from the ground, making the flight safer and work easier.

M8A PRO (20LT)

Remote controler

With the touch screen of the industrial remote control and the TTA drone
application from his mobile phone, the operator can customize and control everything required to achieve optimal spraying performance.

Alarm for low power and lower liquid level. Emergency stop and return system with the push of a button.

Main Features

* Powerful and long-life pump, better atomization function with big pressure.
* 8 Brushless motors for stable take-off, easy to maintain and long life use.

M8A PRO (20LT)

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

*Nozzles made in German with adjustable flow speed
*Special motor supporter design which will protect the motor well.
*Dual 360°Ring LED indicators for early identification low power and fluid level
*There is a person in charge for each drone.
*TTA will test every drone before delivery .
*Each drone has a unique serial number, which can be used
to control the entire production process

Maintenance and spare parts

The innovative design of M8A PRO facilitates maintenance and small repairs
by the owner, even in the field.
Almost all components are modular, durable and, if necessary, very easy
to replace or repair.
As an authorized distributor, we have a stock of all components.

Delivery and Guarantee

Every purchase of drone is accompanied by personal training,
assembling and operation of the drone.

Every motor has unique serial number and one year warranty.

1 Drone Sprayer M8A PRO
1 Remote Control
10 Baterries TTA 16000mAh
1 Industrial Charger


Operational training in Greece for 1 person
Required software
Maintenance tools


* The drone is packed in two small cartons, entering in a larger one, for easier and more economical transport. The drone is firmly placed and surrounded by a special protection foam.

M8A PRO (20LT)

Dimention Diagonal wheelbase 1630mm
Size Folded L*W*H 513*473*540 mm
Container Material Fiber glass
Container Volume 20 lt
Flying Full payload flying time 8-15 min
Empty payload flying time 25-35 min
Flying Speed 0-15m/s
Flight Radius 1.5 km
Flying Height 3500m
Landing approach Vertical take-off and landing
GPS Accuracy (Horizontal) ±1.0m
GPS Accuracy (Vertical) ±0.5m
Max Thrust Ratio 2,43 ( takeoff 46kg)
Anti-wind <8.0m/s (28.8km/h)
Spraying Spray droplet diameter 80-200μm
Quantity of Nozzles 6 pcs
Recommend Spray Speed 4.8-6m/s
Spray Width 5 – 8 m
Spray Height 1-3M above crop
Work Efficiency 3,5-4,5Acres/15min


* Flight duration may vary depending on conditions.
* Features can be changed without notice.
* Contact us for full terms.