M6E-X1 (10lt)

Easy Flight, Easy Maintenance, 6 Bathtubs


TTA’s 5th generation agricultural drones are designed for agricultural applications.

They use state-of-the-art technology, with innovative design and patents.

The M6E-X is the result of 10 years of development and experience in the field.
Achieves excellent spraying precision with safety, economy and respect for the environment.

The innovative design of the application of 6 spray nozzles increases efficiency.

Technical Features

Diagonal wheelbase
Folded Height 555*605*601mm
Container Material tough plastic
Container Volume 10L
Flying Full Payload Flying Time 10-12min/ flight
Empty payload flying time >18min
Flying Speed 0-10m/s
Flight Radius 1 km
Flying Height 3500m
Landing approach Vertical take-off and landing
Anti-wind <12m/s
Spraying Spray droplet diameter 80-200μm
Quantity of Nozzles 6pcs
Recommend Spray Speed 4.8-6m/s
Spray Width 4-6M
Spray Height 2-4M above crop
Work Efficiency 0,5-1,5 ha/fight


FPV Camera

The FPV camera makes our flight safer by transmitting live, clean and wide-angle footage. The double LED lighting, when it gets dark, automatically turns on and the drone can work at night.


1.Automatic route scheduling for irregular topography.

The operator locates the area he wants to spray on Google Maps. Select the working perimeter with dots. The spray field will automatically appear and is ready for spraying.

M4E (5lt)


Automatic Shredding

It only takes one operator to run the drone. The flight is done automatically with very simple
process, according to our needs. We select on the map the area we want to spray and the flight starts. The drone’s software will automatically plan the route. If the spray liquid runs out or the battery is empty, then it will fly back to the take-off point for refueling and will continue from the point it stopped.

The work plan is designed according to the requirements of the work. There are 3 flight planning possibilities.


M4E (5lt)

2. ΑΒ σημεία .

Simple but automatic flight planning. The operator needs to set two points A and B
and give the drone the direction command, left or right. Then the drone starts spraying automatically.

3. Waypoints

Precise and inefficient flight planning to complete the most difficult tasks.
The operator sets the exact route and drone  sprayes precisely the selected area.

The starting point, end point, spray path, distance of routes, as well as
avoiding obstacles within the working perimeter, can be set in all three flight planning modes.

All the above functions are done by the operator’s mobile smartphone with the application of the TTA.

M4E (5lt)


M4E (5lt)

Pre-sale support

  • Consulting services.
  • Flying demonstration.
M4E (5lt)

After-sale Support

  • Drone Operator Basic Training
  • Specialized operational training
    by the IONOS group, according to the Greek
    and European legislation.
  • Arms guarantee.
  • 24-hour online service throughout Greece.
  • 24h hours business support throughout Greece.

Professional support from the pioneers of Agricultural Drones!!!




Dimension64 (L) * 52(W) * 64(H)
Box weight2kg
DetailsThe drone is packed in a small portable carton. reducing the total volume. The drone inside the special mounting foam is stable. Transportation is economical and safe.M4E (5lt)
M4E (5lt)


64 (L) * 52(W) * 64(H)

Box Weight

  1. Attachment, water tank and remote control.
  2. Motor and propellers
  3. Spray system
  4. Assembly Tools