M6E-G300 (30LT)

M6E-G300 (30LT)


Obstacle avoidance – Easier flying – Easier maintenance – Heavy Lift agricultural drone

Intelligent Agriculture is the trend of all over the world.
And the agricultural drone has an important role in this world process.

TTA Agriculture spraying drone is 40 times faster than the traditional way.
Saves 90% water and 30-40% pesticide.
Due to the small droplet diameter, the pesticide is better dispersed on the surface plant, increasing efficiency.
At the same time the air produced by Drone carries the material on the back of the foliage.

M6E-G300 (30LT)
M6E-G300 (30LT)
M6E-G300 (30LT)
M6E-G300 (30LT)


Diagonal wheelbase
Folded Height 780mm
Container Material tough plastic
Container Volume 30L
Flying Full Payload Flying Time 10min/ flight
Empty payload flying time 20min
Flying Speed 0-10m/s
Flight Radius 3,5 km
Flying Height 2000m
Landing approach Vertical take-off and landing
<8.0m/s (28.8km/h)
Spraying Spray droplet diameter 170-265μm
Quantity of Nozzles 10 pcs
Recommend Spray Speed 4.8m/s
Spray Width 4M-9M
Spray Height 2-4M above crop
Work Efficiency
1,1-1,6 Hectare/10min


Mode 1:

Find your crop field and set waypoint from the GCS GoogleMap, the route will automatically appear.
The start point, the final point and the working direction can all be set

M6E-G300 (30LT)

Mode 2:

Import Kml file directly , the route will automatically appear
The start point, the final point and the working direction can all be set.

M6E-G300 (30LT)

Mode 3:

Only need to set A and B point and give the drone a direction, left or right.
Then the drone will fly and spraying automatically.

M6E-G300 (30LT)



Built-in 5.5 inch Android tablet, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 10000mAh battery
Max endurance up to 20 hours, support rapid-charge
Advanced technology brings higher video transmission resolution, lower latency,
longer valid distance, stronger anti-interference ability.

RTK accurate positioning system


Horizontal: ±1cm + 1ppm   Vertical:±2cm + 1ppm
Make sure the field can be fully covered.
To avoid damage neighbour crop and pollution.
One base station supports multiple drones work at same time.

Spraying system:

M6E-G300 (30LT)

Double water pumps generate bigger pressure , max 4L/min adjustable flow rate
Bigger inlet for you to fill in the chemical faster and no leaking.
Advanced flow meter makes the error of precise spraying within 2%

Obstacle Avoidance Sensor:
M6E-G300 (30LT)
Equip front and back Obstacle avoidance sensor makes the drone
has the ability to automatically detect and fly pass obstacles
to avoid unexpected crash and lose.
The GCS presents the distance from the obstacles at the same time.


Terrain following module

M6E-G300 (30LT)

To make the drone has the ability to work on undulating crop field
and make the spraying work much easier.

FPV camera


M6E-G300 (30LT)

Real time video monitoring let you know detail information of drone and your crop situation !
Dual LED light. Support night flight!


Cloud service / Background management platform

For better management not only your drones but your spraying records !
Support real time monitoring of everything drone situation.
It will collect all the drones data include sprayed area, spraying location, spraying log, etc.


Inteligent battery

M6E-G300 is powered by a 28000 mAh ” smart battery ”, which can be easily mounted
by ”one click” push in. It has low voltage and overload protection, and
automatically saves charging and discharging time.
After a few days of inactivity it automatically enters storage mode.
The batteries come with an industrial 4-channel charger


Maintenance and spare parts

The innovative design of M6E-G300 facilitates maintenance and small repairs
from the owner, even in the field.
Almost all components are modular, durable and, if necessary, very easy
to replace or repair.
As an authorized distributor, we have a stock of all components.

Delivery and Guarantee
Every purchase of drone is accompanied by personal training,
assembling and operation of the drone.

Every motor has unique serial number and one year warranty.

Highly Integrated Remote Controller

M6E-G300 (30LT)

M6E-G300 (30LT)

Pre Sales  Support

  •  Inquiry and consulting support according to your specific needs.
  • Sample testing support.
M6E-G300 (30LT)

After-Sales Support

  • IONOS specialized training in mission planning for each crop demands, according to EU and Greek regulations.
  • Basic drone training.
  • Engineers available to service machinery.
  • Good warranty service.
  • 24h online service
  • 24h online mission support