IONOS team observes and analyzes global UAV market and suggests innovative professional solutions, that are friendly to nature and human.

Our innovative products allow the farmer to get better and more efficient results at a lower cost.
They give him the oppurtunity to occupy himself with the progress of his cultivation more efficiently, saving valuable time.



Smart Agriculture

Agricultural Drones can be used in various applications.


They allow farmers to apply Precision Agriculture in various agricultural works, such as spraying, sowing and plant protection.

They can be connected to high-tech cameras and devices, monitoring diseases, parasites, water supply and fertilization.

They do the difficult and dangerous work more efficiently and safely.
They give the farmer the chance to open new horizons in the development of his business.

At the same time, they give the farmer the opportunity to easily turn his crop into organic.


Spraying and Protection

Agriculture Drone Sprayers are 40 times faster than the traditional spraying method. They save 90% water and 30-40% pesticide. They contribute in saving natural sources, reducing the burden on Gaia and all living organisms with toxic substances.

Fertility & Sowing

The innovative design of our drones brings the sowing and fertilization by air, in everyday life. Our drones can cover wide areas quickly and reliably with consistent and high performance.


Farm Surveillance

Irrigation, fertilization and weeds’ pests outbreak can be monitored by the multispectral or hyperspectral drone camera.



Crop Growth Data Collecting System

The timely and accurate information on crop growth is useful for rational use of fertilizers and pesticides. It contributes to the prevention of pest and disease disasters.

The system for the collection and management of information on plants is based on the monitoring of nutrition condition of crops or pests from multi-spectral cameras carried by UAV.

Data is collected with the help of various agricultural indices, such as the normalized vegetation index (NDVI) and normalized red-edge vegetation index (NDRE) by multispectral technology. A variety of operational data for spraying pesticides and seeds can be recorded as well.

A complete package of UAV data will be collected and analyzed as timely and accurate crop growth information, which will help farmers use of the fertilizers and pesticides rationally, and indirectly improve the environment.