IONOS having unique knowledge and operational experience in precision
agricultural applications with UAVs, suitable partners, and modern equipment,
offers comprehensive and reliable services with the aim of integrating aerial
robotic technology in the primary sector, with respect for people and nature.



IONOS has created the first official research programs for applications with Agri Drones in arable and tree crops (EXARCHOS, IONEL, ACTPHAST program, etc.).
Our collaborations with universities, research centers, and private and government agencies aim to:


Promote the development of new methods and practices in agriculture using
unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Provide the means and staff to support research projects.

We support the research of new educational methods for the safe and
effective use of drones

Evaluate the effectiveness of active ingredients in agricultural sciences

We develop Hardware and Software in UAVs for the needs of each crop and




Knowing the data of the producer's crop, we have the ability to parameterize
processes based on the need of each crop for water, type of spraying, etc.
• We advise the producer on the most appropriate drone selection, according
to the crop’s area, needs, and data.
• We provide the training for the maintenance and repair of the drone by the
producer himself
• We undertake the technical support for the hardware and software of the


• Study of the financial footprint of integrating drones into farming practices

• Selection of the most suitable drone based on the best cost-benefit solution,
for the specific crop and the producer's capabilities.
• Possibility of financing for the acquisition of Agri-drone
• Funding possibility for Agri-drone training

οικονομική (υπηρεσίες)


By combining technical and economic parameters, we guide the producer to
operate the drones efficiently, safely and at the minimum cost
• Transportation to agricultural fields throughout the Balkans, depending on
educational and operational objectives