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Their performance depends on the type of crop and the weather conditions,as well as the type of multyrotor we use.
For example, with the M6E-1 spraying efficiency varies from 8 to 11 acres in arable land, at a spraying time of 10 minutes
with 10 liters of liquid.

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Under the current regulations for the professional use of an Agricultural Drone 10 liter spraying, licensing is required
UAS PILOT C – Multy Rotors. This particular operator license is Open Class and concerns drones weighing between 4 and 25 kilos.
The cost of the license varies and is below 700 €. There are several Pilot Academies throughout
the country that can undertake your training, safely and reliably.

The use of TTA UAS requires pilot with UAS PILOT C – Multy Rotors license, registration to the CAA and insurance.

Under the general regulatory framework of law 4036/2012 the application of pesticides by aerial spraying, has been banned since 2012. This law correctly forbids traditional way mass spraying of large-scale pesticide spreading, as the risk of water pollution,
of the flora and fauna of the sprayed, but also of the surrounding areas, is enormous.
However, spraying with drone is permitted by deviating from the aforementioned frame as well it is easy to understand its usefulness, their accuracy and especially the great opportunity that offer us, not just to reduce the amount of pesticide used
compared to ground spraying, but to push agriculture into organic practices and sustainable cultivation.

The legal framework in Greece for UAS has begun to be created in 2016, which determines their use.
The rules for UAS flights have been published in the UAS Regulation and you can find them in Government Gazette B-3152 / 30-9-2016. See also the Rules for  Licenses for Operators, in Government Gazette B-4527 / 30.12.2016, as well as the Government
Gazette Β1607 / 10.5.2017 determines the amount of payout to be paid on a case-by-case basis.
All UAS owners must be aware of the above Regulations!
A common European directive is expected to be announced in 2019 and put into practice.

More information can be found:
* on the Civil Aviation Authority website – http://www.ypa.gr –
* on the CAA website for drones – https://uas.hcaa.gr –
* Real-time information system, Drone Aware – GR (DAGR)
– https://dagr.hcaa.gr –
* on the website of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food http://www.opengov.gr/ypaat/?p=469
– http://www.opengov.gr/ypaat/?p=469 –

IONOS team is at your disposal for any clarification.

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Unlike the hobby drones, TTA’s industrial drones can only be purchased from the company’s official network, accompanied by it
appropriate training.
Their innovative design and innovative software makes them accessible to understand their functions and to easily manage them, with the maximum
possible safety index.

After the prospective purchaser has obtained the license of
UAS PILOT C – Multy Rotors, can proceed to obtain a TTA Agricultural Drone Sprayer

IONOS team undertakes training on operation and
usually lasts 3 days, and covers the following topics:
* Assembling and disassembling the articulated parts of the drone
* Detailed analysis and familiarity with TTA’s flight software
* Function in automatic and manual mode
* Maintenance and minor repairs

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Training prepares operators to solve light and easy problems that may arise. The innovative design of the
TTA’s Agricultural Sprayers, helps to easily understand their structure and bug fixes even in the field.
If, however, we do not manage to correct the problem on the spot, the specialist staff of IONOS, undertakes to check the drone and repair the damage. In cases where failure requires factory intervention, it is repaired
and is returned to the holder.