Evaluation of the efficacy of IONEL 2022 in the presence of delegations from abroad.

In the framework of the implementation of the IONEL 2022 research program, the efficacy of the applications in the experimental plots of rice cultivation
in Chalastra, Thessaloniki, that took place in May, was evaluated. The applications involved aerial drone spraying of GOWAN’s AVANZA formulation,
whose representative is ELANKO HELLAS.
The evaluation was done in the presence of executives of ELANKO, GOWAN and SDS BIOTECH K.K.
The representative of GOWAN was the head of the Technical Development Department for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Manuel Martin-Andres.
From the japanese company SDS BIOTECH K.K. present was the deputy General Manager of the Overseas Division department Akitomo Takahashi.
The evaluation was also attended by the managers of the drone distribution store in Halastra AGRI DRONE STORE as well as interested parties from Skopje and Bulgaria.
IONOS would like to offer thanks to everyone for their participation and cooperation.

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