Crete: InnoDays 2022 & Innovation’s marathon

The Region of Crete organized the Innovation weekend entitled: InnoDays 2022 – The Crete of knowledge and production, on November 25-27, 2022, at the International Exhibition Center of Crete.

IONOS, as a member of the Observatory of Innovative Entrepreneurship in the Region of Crete and one of the 5 companies that have so far joined Innovation Stories (, participated in the above Innovation weekend.

During the three days, the “Artemis Saitakis” Innovation Marathon (Hackathon), an activity of the Innovative Entrepreneurship Observatory of the Region of Crete, was held, with the Hellenic Mediterranean University as the implementing body and the scientific manager, associate professor Markos Kourgiantakis.

The topic was “Innovative ideas for the development of sustainable practices in the production and promotion of olive oil and carob of Crete”. Mr. Christodoulou the CEO of IONOS together with lawyer Panagiotaki Emmanuela, labor and environmental doctor Vrontakis Kostantinos and agronomist Aliprantis Konstantina received the 3rd prize for the presentation of the autonomous UAVs platforms and the Green Jet system of Robotopia which they partner.

InnoDays & innovation's Marathon

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