IONOS is a Hellenic company which is activated in industrial UAV technology

We provide complete solutions in drone industry, in critical Agriculture sector. We believe that drone technology is going to change the way people view,
interact with and eventually move around the world.

That is why IONOS brings the technology of tomorrow today, with respect to humans, nature and tradition. A technology accessible to all.

Focusing on avoidance of collision and injury risks.



We increase the efficiency of work and maximize the pleasure of creativity, reducing risk and cost.

We make our lives simpler, easier, more substantial.

Our vision is to make drones a valuable human’s parnter

and give young people a motivationto occupy themselves with traditional professions.


Our team has been observing and analyzing the Unmanned Vehicles industry since 2016.
The year 2019 is a landmark year because IONOS officially starts its business. Accumulated knowledge and experience of previous years, are in the air!
The team of IONOS consists of specialists in diverse academic fields, pioneering spirits with passion, faith and dedication to a common vision : make the drones a valuable human’s parnter.


IONOS is the authorized dealer of TTA in Hellenic market.

Our company trades the TTA industrial drones and provides complete specialized services, training and spare parts, for the operation and maintenance of TTA Unmanned Aircrafts sold in Greece.


Make life more healthy, make the world more efficient.

Beijing TT Aviation Technology Co.Ltd (TTA) is a specialized UAV industry chain service and UAV application solutions provider, covering plant protection, fire fighting, anti-terrorism, UAV training and etc
TTA is dedicated to provide professional products of multi-rotor, helicopter and fixed wing UAVs.
The company integrates researching and development, manufacturing, test and training to provide professional UAV products, service and training to our customers in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.
TTA, a company with more than 200 staff, delivers cutting-edge UAV solutions to every corner of the world, using its rich experience in R & D, manufacturing, as well as big data analysis and forecasting.