Autonomous drone platforms in collaboration with ROBOTOPIA

IONOS is a pioneer in the field of innovative drone systems and in collaboration with Robotopia is working with autonomous drone systems for applications in agriculture.

Robotopia developed all the parts of the drone (hardware) as well as all the software based on the unique experience of its staff and a broad portfolio of patents for all key technologies.

The control center of every Robotopia system is a ground base station configured in situ and adapted to operational needs. Takeoff, landing and all base station functions are automated and do not require human intervention, which allows each base station to control more than one drone, safely and without a time limit.

Specifically, the ground station helps the drone land successfully and accurately, aligns the drone after landing, and integrates it into the ground infrastructure to automatically fill the sprayer with liquid as well as automatically replace the rechargeable batteries.

In the Robotopia ecosystem drones operate continuously, autonomously, and universally without human intervention at any operational stage.

You will also find the presentation of the automatic drone systems in the magazine AGRO.TEC #7 September-October 2022.

Autonomous drone platforms in collaboration with ROBOTOPIAAutonomous drone platforms in collaboration with ROBOTOPIA

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